Holistic Childbirth: What You Need to Know Before You Create Your Birth Plan

If you’re thinking about undergoing holistic childbirth in NJ, here are a few essentials to know.

What it is

A holistic approach to childbirth factors in all the aspects of your family’s life. This can help you get ready for the pregnancy, eventual childbirth experience and being parents for the first time.


Going for a holistic childbirth in NJ means avoiding or reducing the use of technology that can lead to more interventions. Because the aim is the natural progression of labor, that means going under little to no pain medication or any other medication that may induce labor and could lead to harmful effects on the mother or baby. For instance, the use of epidurals can increase medical interventions, Naturally Savy says.

Pain management

Because of the lack of pain medication, the most obvious question that must be addressed is: how will mothers get through the pain? The holistic approach considers this by providing ways to help mothers cope during the labor process, from massage to guided imagery, breathing techniques, movement, hydrotherapy and more. By avoiding pain management drugs, mothers can avoid the risks that come with them.


Finding the right team is going to be crucial to getting the birth experience you hope for. Hiring a trained labor companion can make this possible. The extra support a doula offers can be a tremendous help during the birth experience. Many women report the same, with cesarean rates with labor inductions at 58.8 percent in a group without a doula and only about 12.5 percent in the group with one. Also, educating yourself can expand your options about the birth and your knowledge of pain relief techniques, all of which will prove helpful. Find the right class and start attending one with your birthing partner or spouse.

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