Hiring A Bail Bonding Company In Upper Marlboro, MD

Many persons accused of crimes are released from jail on the day of arrest. That’s because many crimes have pre-set bonds. The bonds for less serious crimes are pre-set by judges in the jurisdiction. This takes some of the pressure off the legal system. Bondable defendants need to send a family member to a Bail Bonding Company in Upper Marlboro MD.

The Accused May Not Have A Bond

Individuals charged with serious felonies are not given pre-set bonds. They need a lawyer to petition the court for a bond. The judge views the charges and listens to some evidence. The person’s criminal background is also considered. The judge will likely set a bond unless the person is a threat to society.

How Bonding Companies Work

The bonding company stands for the accused’s bond for a fee. The bonding company charges between 10-15% of the bond amount. The accused is released when the percentage is paid. However, the bonding company owes the court the full amount of the bail. A Bail Bonding Company in Upper Marlboro MD may be willing to take a property bond. The property must contain enough equity to cover the bond. However, the property can be lost if the individual flees the jurisdiction.

Getting Out Of Jail Free

Some defendants are released on their own recognizance. The person simply signs a document saying they’ll return to court. This is called getting out on an O.R. bond. O.R. bonds are reserved for those with strong community ties. The judge believes this person is not a threat to flee because of their circumstances. Usually, the accused has a job and family. Further, they’re not accused of a serious crime.

Bail Algorithms

California was one of the first states to base bail on an algorithm. The defendant’s age, criminal history, current crime and history of appearing for court are entered into the program. The program gives a score that indicates whether or not the defendant should get a bond.

Most states continue to use traditional bail bonding methods. It’s a good idea to do business with a bondsman who’s well known in the community. Bonding companies urge defendants to Contact Us. They’ll get you out quickly.

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