High-Quality and Convenient Student Living and Leisure at WMU

When looking for apartments near WMU, the two most important features that any student will want to look for are quick access to campus and a decent list of amenities. Student living across the country has grown from its historically Spartan roots, with creature comforts and perks becoming the undergraduate standard instead of the exception. There are a number of amenities that are almost standard now, but you will want to look and see what extras you can find that you can see using yourself.

Ideally, you will get private bedrooms and bathrooms, in-unit laundry, a full kitchen, internet access, storage space, and individual renter contracts available upon request or as a standard feature. If possible, look for apartments that also offer full furnishings (if you need it) and outside areas like patios or decks. The best complexes offer community perks, such as fitness centers, study areas or business centers and leisure areas like swimming pools and lounges. The most valuable and overlooked amenity for most complexes like this, however, is student transportation. This is usually offered either as bus or shuttle service between the apartment and campus. This is especially helpful, as parking on campus is almost always scarce, regardless of the institution, and traffic can be a hassle, especially when you need to get to class on time.

Contact 58 West, if you are looking for apartments near WMU, or you would like more information.

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