Here Are 4 Reasons Why Chicago Lake Cruises Can be Irresistible

Are you considering a Chicago lake cruise? Lake cruises are an in-vogue travel trend, and have been for many years. Cruisers are finding that traveling on comfortable cruise ships to see iconic destinations as a land tour to be just the right pace for both relaxation and sightseeing. Here are some of the top reasons why so many people are finding Chicago lake cruises so irresistible.

Casual Dress Code

There typically aren’t any formal nights on a lake cruise ship, so casual clothing is completely acceptable to wear. Unless you plan to enjoy a meal in a fancy restaurant in Chicago before or after your lake cruise, you can leave your dressy apparel at home. This can help make planning for your trip a little easier.

Intimate Ships

Smaller cruise ships mean fewer passengers. Lake cruise ships usually only carry less than 200 people. This can give you and the rest of your fellow cruisers a chance to get to know one another as well as avoid dealing with a noisy crowd. This could also be a creative option for a large group event such as a wedding reception.

Beautiful Cruise Ships

Lake cruise ships have some of the amenities you would expect in hotels. These could include seating for up to 150 passengers, as well as bars, marble and granite restrooms, an iPod dock & SiriusXM Radio music system, and a formal salon sitting area.

A Relaxing Pace

Part of what makes lake cruises so appealing is that the pacing is perfect for relaxing and taking in panoramic views of the landscapes, as well as going ashore to explore all the iconic sites you’ve always heard about.

The best way to discover Chicago is with a lake cruise. Contact Chicago’s First Lady to book a lake cruise.

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