Herbalist in Wheat Ridge: The Must-Know

Patients seek herbalists for primary and complementary treatment. Patients who prefer holistic medicine seek herbalists for a variety of symptoms including anxiety, insomnia, stress, and pain. Some patients want a non-pharmaceutical treatment that their primary care physician does not offer while others want herbalistic treatment in conjunction with their primary care services. Patients can find an herbalist in Wheat Ridge with a simple Google search.

Herbalists: What They Do and How They Help You

An herbalist in Wheat Ridge, like herbalists all over the nation, is one that uses plants for their healing properties. Herbalists are part of holistic medicine and are noninvasive in treatment. Rather than using pharmaceutical medications and surgical procedures, practitioners will determine the root cause of the illness and then apply different herbs to treat the symptoms.

During the first consultation, a practitioner will ask questions to isolate the cause of illness. The practitioner will also inspect your physical body and ensure that you have no allergies to treatment. Herbalists such as Dr. Jen Hartley will individualize your plan to what best suits treating your ailment.

Herbalistic Treatment and Services

Herbalists use an assortment of plants to treat ailments. Plant treatment forms include oils, creams, ointments, tinctures, teas, bath salts, and even capsules that contain plant-based material. Capsules may have liquid or powdered substances. Your practitioner will discuss which treatment option is best and why. They may also describe the success it has had in the past with previous patients.

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