Helping to Create Lasting Memories during your Wedding

A wedding is one of the most important days in a woman’s life, and she wants to look her absolute best. The bride-to-be has found the perfect spot for the ceremony near Raleigh NC, she found a gorgeous dress, and everything is falling into place; but what about her makeup and hair? In real life, there is no Photoshop or re-touching, so you need an experienced artist and hairstylist who can optimize the natural beauty of a bride and make her shine on her very special day.


The Bride in All of Her Beauty


The day has come; you are just a short time away from making the walk down the aisle. Your nerves are on edge, your hands may be shaking; having a professional makeup artist available to make sure your face is flawless will give you one less thing to worry about. Whether your skin is pristine or has a few natural blemishes, a detailed session with your artist can make your bridal photos something you will cherish for many years to come. Flash photography is common during this momentous occasion and can wash out your face. Make sure your artist is aware if there will be any flash photography taken during your wedding so you can feel confident and be proud of every photo taken on this special day.


The Bride’s Crowning Glory


The location is perfect, your dress is stunning, your makeup is complete – but what about your hair? Whether your desire is sleek and elegant or tousled and organic there is a style that will work perfectly for your long or short hair. Side braids, low buns, finger waves, tight curls or any other style you may have seen in a magazine or on television can be done by a professional stylist for your special day. Your stylist can also help with making sure your bridal veil, tiara, beads or other accessories work in unison with your new hairstyle.


Wedding Party Hair & Makeup


The bride should always stand out from the rest of her bridal party in every way, so the bridal party makeup should be kept similar in color to the bride yet on a much softer level. Being able to find an experienced artist who is able to work her magic on the bridal party, while still allowing the bride to shine, will go a long way to making your wedding photos perfect.


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