Helpful Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Truck

by | Aug 17, 2016 | Automotive

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Owning a commercial vehicle in Texas is nothing like car ownership. Unlike an automobile (which is designed for comfort transportation), commercial rigs are made to work and move materials from one place to another. However, today’s trucks are more comfortable and have more features than ever. Proper maintenance is much more than simply finding a good source for International or Isuzu truck parts. There are things you can do on a regular basis to improve fuel economy and limit down time. Here are some helpful tips to save you money and headaches and they won’t cost you a great deal of money either.


How often do your check the air in your tires? If you want to get maximum fuel efficiency, your tires need to stay at the recommended inflation levels. If not, you burn more fuel and under or over inflated tires will wear out much faster than properly inflated tires. If you put a lot of miles on your truck, tires should be checked at weekly intervals. This is especially important in cold weather.

Use the Right Kind of Motor Oil

When you change the oil, make sure it is the right type and viscosity. If you are not sure which kind to use, go to your dealership. They can take care of your oil changes in addition to providing OEM International or Isuzu truck parts in Texas.

Engine Washing

A clean engine looks good but there is a better reason for keeping it clean. When the engine is nice and clean it’s easier to spot problems like fluid leaks. If you wash down the engine about once a month, it will also smell better and make driving a little more pleasant.

When you wash the truck, it’s a good idea to clean the radiator. If you have access to compressed air, blow out the cores. This is especially important if you put a lot of miles on the truck each month and drive through dusty or dirty conditions.

Use a Qualified Service Center

If you take your truck to a qualified mechanic service in Texas, you can be assured of the best work. They have all the proper tools and equipment to clean DPF filters, repair brakes and install International and Isuzu truck parts. In fact, they will guarantee the work and be there with helpful advice whenever you need it. When you use a qualified dealership it is one less thing to worry about and you can concentrate your efforts on running your business.