Having Trouble with Carpenter Ants Around Jackson NJ?

Carpenter ants are easy to recognize due to their size. They are larger than most other ants and will usually be black, although some are a shade of yellow, brown, or red. Because Carpenter Ants around Jackson NJ are known to destroy wood, homeowners will want to have them removed in order to keep their property safe.

How Do Carpenter Ants Damage Wood?

Although termites harm wood by eating through it, carpenter ants actually damage it another way. They use wood to nest in, and they are not picky about where the wood is located. It could be in a dead tree or in the wall of a house. They are, however, picky about the kind of wood. They tend to prefer wood that is moist or rotting. Once they have found a place that they like, they will move in. Carpenter ants live in colonies, so a lot of them can reside in a single location, which can lead to a notable amount of damage to the wood they are nesting in. Homeowners are likely to notice wood shavings lying around near the nesting area. Carpenter ants create these while they are making their nest.

What Do Carpenter Ants Eat?

Despite the damage they can cause to wood, carpenter ants actually have a diet that is similar to many other kinds of ants. They are drawn to sugar, and are not likely to pass up any type of meat, including their fellow insects. Like other ants, carpenter ants will sometimes come indoors searching for food and water, which means they could end up in the kitchen. Seeing them inside of a home does not necessarily mean that they have already caused wood damage, since they can enter a house while searching for food without having a nest there. Yet any sighting of carpenter ants could be a cause for concern, because the possibility of later wood damage will remain. It is also best to remove any pests that are entering the home.

To protect the wood in a house, shed, or other structure from carpenter ants, homeowners should seek the assistance of pest control experts. Carpenter Ants around Jackson NJ can cause a lot of damage if they are not stopped. Click Here for more information about how carpenter ants can be eliminated.

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