Gynecology Problems Bedminster NJ

As a female, there could be some issues that need to be treated by your gynecologist. These issues range from mild to severe with some needing surgical attention in order to treat them. Here are only a few of the most common.

Abnormal Bleeding

One of the common gynecology problems a Bedminster, NJ, doctor can help with is abnormal bleeding. This is bleeding that occurs when you’re not menstruating, after you’ve experienced menopause, or when you’re pregnant. Bleeding that lasts longer than seven days or that is associated with severe abdominal pain is typically considered abnormal as well.


Another of the common gynecology problems a Bedminster, NJ, doctor often sees, endometriosis occurs when the endometrial tissue does not grow in the uterus as it should. If pregnancy doesn’t occur during your monthly cycle, the lining of the uterus is shed. However, with endometriosis, there’s nowhere for the lining to shed, which can then result in severe pain. Surgery to remove the uterus is sometimes needed to solve treat this issue.

Organ Prolapse

This is an issue that occurs when the tissues and ligaments that support the bladder, uterus, and vagina weaken or are damaged. If this happens, then the organs that are usually supported could begin to fall or sink down. You might experience pressure in the vaginal area or feel organs beginning to bulge from the vagina. This is usually a problem that can be treated by placing a mesh device to help support the organs and to keep them in place.

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