Getting the Stylish Beauty Supplies You Need to Transform Your Wig

If you’re a beauty professional and your clients have requested more wig styles lately or you like purchasing wigs and extensions to change up your look, you’ll need quality lace wig tinting. The tinting makes the wig look more natural and adds the right hue so that the lace of the wig looks like your scalp. This type of tinting is essential for photo shoots or modeling opportunities and also works well if you have a high-quality wig that you want to wear long-term. The wig tinting spray is semi-permanent, so you can wear it for hours without worrying about smearing or smudging, even if you’re going to be outdoors.

Tinting Spray Details

When it comes to lace wig tinting, you have several colors to choose from. The Mocha variety is ideal for darker skin tone and contains witch hazel to prevent scalp infection and soothe the skin. The wig tint spray also has a pleasant scent, so you won’t mind applying it once or twice a day if needed. You can also control the hue that the spray displays on the hair by the number of times you spray and dry the wig. For instance, if you want a light mocha shade on the wig, you can spray and dry the wig several times and the color will be subtle. However, for a darker effect, it’s best to only spray and dry the wig once or twice to retain the desired shade.

Additional Tinting Spray Colors

Lace wig tinting is also available in beige and golden, which is ideal for blonde wigs and wigs with blonde or ash blonde highlights. The tint spray gives the illusion that your roots have been died to match the wig, so you won’t have to worry about coloring your natural hair. You can use the tinting spray on a wig you’ve purchased yourself or take the spray to your beautician to have your wig professionally styled.

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