Getting Ready for a New Air Conditioning Unit Installation in Auburn, IN

All the major decisions have been made and the day for the new air conditioning unit installation in Auburn IN is fast approaching. Even though most of the details are settled, there’s still some things the homeowner can do to make the installation faster and less complicated. By addressing a few specifics before the team arrives, that new system will be up and running in no time.

Finding Someone to Taking Care of the Family Dog

While the family dog may be the friendly sort, it pays to find a place for the pet to spend the day. Perhaps a neighbor wouldn’t mind pet sitting while the air conditioning unit installation in Auburn IN is underway. Even though the dog doesn’t pose a threat to the crew, there’s a good chance that the animal will be curious about what’s going on and get in the way. By making sure the pet can’t get near anyone while they’re working, the installation will move along at a faster clip.

Easy Access to the Attic

As part of the installation process, the team will need to move in and out of the house freely. At some point, a professional will need to go into the attic and make sure the air is flowing through the duct system properly. There may also be the need to install another air return or handle some other type of change to the duct work. Make sure the access to the attic is open before the team shows up. That will save everyone some time and effort.

Put Down Drop Cloths

Everyone will appreciate the use of drop cloths being in place while the installation is in progress. Use them to create paths to and from each exterior door. It wouldn’t hurt to use the cloths, so there is a path to the controls, any current returns, and other indoor elements of the system. That makes it all the easier for the team to come in and out quickly without worrying about tracking in dirt.

If the time has come for a new air conditioning unit, visit us today and learn more about the options. With the aid of a pro, it won’t take long to choose the right system and set up a date for the installation.

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