Getting Help With Social security denied Arlington TX

hat would happen if you suddenly became ill, or were diagnosed with a chronic and debilitating disease? How would your bills get paid? Many people think that Social Security is for when someone turns age 67. There is more to this benefit program than retirement income for our Seniors. Other benefits could be available such as supplemental income, disability, and benefits for Widows, dependent parents and dependent children.

When you are paid, your employer must take an amount out of your weekly paycheck that is called Federal Insurance Contributions Act tax (FICA). This is a tax that the government uses to fund the Social Security program. $0.85 of every dollar collected goes into a ‘pool’ that pays monthly benefits to retirees, surviving spouses and minor children. The other $0.15 is for people who have become disabled and can no longer work. A spouse who becomes widowed or disabled can apply under their husband’s or wife’s benefit if it is a higher amount than their own would be. Minor children under the age of 18 can receive benefits if a parent dies. For the Social Security Disability program, there is a waiting time after the disability is verified before you can even apply, and the disability must be expected to last at least a year or be permanent. This is usually the type of social security that is denied for benefits. It can take years and many denials of benefits until you are finally approved and can collect disability benefits. Another government program is the Supplemental Security Income Program that assists low income adults, and children who have disabilities, by paying them a small monthly amount. People on this program can also receive Medicaid insurance and food stamp assistance.

If you have had your benefits denied, you should contact social security denied Arlington TX attorneys. This is a serious issue that is impacting your life, and trying to obtain benefits on your own could be lengthy and costly. Let the professionals take a look at your case and possibly help you with getting the benefits that you need. They know the law and they know what is required to get you the best benefit available to you, while taking less time to cut through that ‘red tape’ that often comes with a Social Security disability claim.

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