Getting Fence Repair In Little Rock AR

by | Dec 7, 2023 | Fence Contractor

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Fences take a beating from the elements; they’re continually exposed to sun, snow, wind and rain, and they can be damaged due to heavy use. By taking the time to properly maintain a fence, and by fixing problems where they’re found, homeowners can keep their families and pets safe while increasing property values. Below is some information on fence repair in Little Rock AR.

Inspecting the Fence

The first step in fence inspection should be to check its length and width for signs of wear. Simple repairs can be done at home, but larger problems should be handed over to licensed fence repair companies. Rotted wood fencing should be fixed ASAP, and a fencing repair tech will pay attention to the areas where fence posts emerge from the ground. The company will also look for signs of rust and mildew, which can seriously damage the fence if not dealt with promptly.

Regular Maintenance

Fences that are only slightly soiled or damaged can be cleaned up with a quick spray from the garden hose. To remove ground-in stains, rust, dirt and mold, a power washer may be required. Power washing does more than just clean a fence-;on older wood fences, it can strip the top, discolored layer of wood. If a homeowner’s fence is still covered by a warranty, they should make sure that power washing won’t void it.


The fence repair company’s #1 priority is to replace and repair damaged and rotting fence posts, because the posts are the fence’s support system. New posts should be secured with cement, mounded at an angle to direct precipitation away from the fence post and prevent rotting issues in the future.

Broken wooden fence rails may be fixed with glue or nails, but in the case of barbed wire fencing, strand repairs are often quick and easy, eliminating the need for replacement. Maintenance can reduce the need for fencing repair and replacement, and homeowners can take certain steps to ensure that their fences stay in top condition. However, if fence replacement is unavoidable, homeowners should rely on BS Fence & Repair for licensed, bonded and insured fence repair in Little Rock AR.