Getting Compensation for Serious Injuries Involving Commercial Vehicles with Truck Accidents Attorneys in Glendale, AZ.

by | Sep 8, 2015 | Law Services

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Most vehicles in collisions with a truck have much more serious consequences than smaller vehicles because of the big difference in weight and intense force of speed, which more often than not results in passengers being seriously injured or death. Legal claims can be filed against the driver or company that employs the truck driver. Truck drivers have a commercial driver’s license for a reason. They have to be trained to drive large vehicles and take necessary precautions to keep other drivers safe; however, sometimes a truck driving company sends drivers on the road who are not fit to drive. This could happen when a driver is put on long shifts with no time to get ample sleep. A truck can turn into a lethal weapon when a lethargic driver is operating it, and should a sleep-deprived driver cause a collision, the company can be held liable.

The freight on a truck, such as poles or flammable products, can cause secondary injuries or even be the primary cause. Companies that hire drivers have a duty to inform them of potential safety hazards with the contents held in a truck. If this is the case, a truck accidents attorney in Glendale, AZ can manage accident cases of this nature; they acquire the evidence to prove it, they find out how the driver caused the collision and they make sure the court knows the magnitude of bodily harm so they can be appropriately compensated. Most commercial truck accidents are labeled under the legal name of negligence, which means the driver failed to take necessary safety measures on the road in some way.

Personal injury cases from truck accidents have to have proof that the driver was negligent. Lawyers investigate the case to learn how the driver failed to exercise reasonable care on the road. Liability is sometimes applied to the manufacturer of hazardous materials on a truck involved in an accident too. Legal counselors use the appropriate resources to reveal all evidence pertinent to the case. Browse the site for more details about personal injuries on the road.