Getting Access To Cell Phone And Broadband For Low Income Consumers

For people who live on a fixed income having the ability to pay all the bills can be challenging at times. That is why having access to discounts that help reduce utility bills can be a substantial boost for people in lower income brackets.

Getting Critical Assistance For Cell Phone and Broadband Services

Of all the utility expenses that play a vital role in communication, cell phone service is at the top. While other bills often take precedence when it comes to monthly expenses, cell phone service provides a vital service that is essential for hundreds of millions of Americans. Fortunately, there has been a substantial increase in concern from lawmakers in the last decade on how to help ensure that all Americans have access to this vital form of communication.

Lifeline and ACP Cell Phone Providers

The present government cell phone program is designed to cater specifically to people living in the lower income brackets. Lifeline provides monthly telephone service discounts to lower-income consumers, and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) provides discounts on monthly broadband Internet service. Since their inception, tens of millions of Americans have benefited from the Lifeline and

ACP Cell Phone Providers services. For people who are looking to access this important benefit, SafetyNet Wireless is a cell phone service provider that participates in both the Lifeline and ACP government benefit programs. If you are in need of either of these vital services, the process for being accepted into the program is relatively easy. You can learn more about their cell phone and broadband internet services at

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