Get Your Free Credit Report in Philadelphia, PA and Start Fixing Your Credit

by | Apr 30, 2013 | Business

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Your credit rating is a vital piece of financial information that helps you get credit to fund your life’s needs. It also records every financial move you make, including credit cards, car loans and mortgages. There is almost nothing that doesn’t get reported on a credit report when it comes to your money and the moves you make. The problem is, it’s very easy for a false report to drag your credit down, so get a Free Credit Report Philadelphia PA to find anything that’s not right on your report.

It is very easy for an unscrupulous individual to put something on your report that’s not true. All they need is a name and an address that match. The erroneous information is then sent in to the credit reporting bureau where it is then recorded on your record. That’s it, nothing more. The reporting agencies take the side of the entity that’s reporting the bad information, treating you the consumer like you don’t matter. It’s for this reason alone that you need to get a free credit report Philadelphia PA on a regular basis to check for bogus entries.

When you find something wrong on your credit report, you need to get it removed or suffer the lowered credit rating. The three credit reporting agencies allow you to dispute an entry electronically, but that tends to have mixed results. Sometimes, the entry is removed without an issue, other times it sticks like glue, resisting all attempts to get rid of it. There are reasons why the free credit report in Philadelphia PA can’t always easily be cleared.

A dispute has to be settled by the agency contacting the entity that put the mark on the report to begin with. If the entity says the bad mark is valid, even though there’s no proof of its existence otherwise, it stays on the report. In other words, the word of a liar holds more weight than you, the victim. The good news is, this is not necessarily a permanent thing.

There are companies that do nothing but clean up credit reports for clients. They have an intimate understanding of how the reporting agencies work, and know what it takes to get rid of items that drag your rating down. As a result, your credit score bounces back, and you can move forward, blemish-free.