Get Ready for The First Total Eclipse in 38 Years

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Eclipses

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A solar eclipse can seem like a far off, mystical event for some people. The fact that total eclipse can only be seen certain places on the Earth when they occur, makes them seem even more numinous. Eclipses however happen on a pretty regular basis. There are four types of solar eclipses, but it is the total eclipse that fascinates so many and will soon have Americans full attention.

Variations of Solar Eclipses

Solar eclipses are identified in four different types whose appearances based on the how the Moon blocks the Sun’s rays. The most familiar is the total eclipse. A total eclipse is when the moon completely covers the sun. Sometimes the moon and the sun are in close alignment, but not completely. When we see this happen from Earth it creates a partial eclipse. To people on Earth, the Sun looks like a large crescent Moon. The Sun’s rays reflecting off the Moon make the Moon look like a dark ball and the Sun is more reminiscent of the Moon. The two other types of eclipse are the annular which is the eclipse used in a lot of imagery. It is when the Moon eclipses the Sun, but you can still see the outer edges of the star. This eclipse can sometimes be confused with a full eclipse. There is also the hybrid eclipse which is when an annular eclipse turns into a full eclipse.

First Time for Many Americans

The last time a solar eclipse was directly and clearly above America was in 1979. Mostly only people who lived in the Northwest region of the United States like Oregon, Montana, Washington, and Idaho experienced and were able to see the total eclipse. In the upcoming year, a total eclipse will be experienced and able to been seen across America, it is known as the American Eclipse. The American Eclipse is expected to be able to be seen and experienced in some capacity from Oregon to Georgia. This will be the first time many Americans will be able to actually see an eclipse. With the American Eclipse supposed to be happing in 2017, there is plenty of time for people to prepare themselves for this event. One of the necessities of the day will be a pair of eclipse glasses. You will need these to look at the eclipse without damaging your eyes. They are the single most important tool you need to watch and enjoy the upcoming total eclipse.