Get Invisalign From Studio City Orthodontist

by | Apr 26, 2019 | Dentist

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Studio City Orthodontist, which opened in 2014, provides a variety of services that include cosmetic dentistry and teeth cleaning. Many of its services are aimed at teenagers. What is Invisalign in West Hollywood? Invisalign was the first service Studio City Orthodontist offered. In fact, Studio City Orthodontist was the first Invisalign-only office in both Los Angeles and the US. Invisalign is a set of transparent aligners that fit over the patient’s teeth and gradually move them into their correct position and alignment.

They are essentially removable braces and can be used to treat problems like crowding, overbite, underbite, and gaps. The aligners are custom-made, and the patient will change sets every two weeks. They will wear them all the time, except when they are eating or cleaning their teeth.

The patient will visit the orthodontist every six weeks to get new sets and have their progress checked. Some patents may need special attachments to increase Invisalign’s effectiveness. What is IPR? IPR, more formally known as Interproximal Reduction, is a procedure often done during aligner therapy.

In some cases, the orthodontist will find that some of the teeth are simply the wrong size or shape. They might be too large, for example, and thus cause crowding within the patient’s mouth. In the old days, an orthodontist would simply extract such teeth. IPR has the advantage of letting the patient keep their teeth.

The orthodontist will use thin tools encrusted with diamonds to gently scrape away some of the enamel on the selected tooth. In many cases, the orthodontist will remove small amounts of enamel from several teeth and thus ease crowding. IPR can also improve a patient’s bite by helping the teeth fit together correctly. IPR is completely painless. Most patients will not need any anesthesia.