Get Help With Your SSI Disability Benefit in Glendale, Az

American citizens hold the right to file for Social Security disability when they become seriously injured or ill and are no longer able to work and provide for their needs. While people have this right, it does not guarantee they will be approved for benefits. Unfortunately, many people are denied even when they are rightfully entitled to receive SSI. Fortunately, there are lawyers that can help people with their SSI Disability Benefit in Glendale, Az. With the help of a lawyer, a disabled person can be given direction and help so they can be approved for the benefits they need.

When a disabled person files for disability, they must fill out several forms and provide medical proof of their disability. Two different medical doctors must fill out forms stating information on their patient’s condition and why they can permanently no longer work. Unfortunately, the person will have to wait for a period of time after they have filed their disability application.

Through the initial review stage, many people are unfairly denied. Some have even accused the Social Security Administration of automatically denying every applicant’s first attempt at filing for disability. Though this is not widespread knowledge, many are in fact denied at first. Fortunately, a person can hire a lawyer to help them with their application for SSI Disability Benefit in Glendale, Az. With a lawyer’s help, the person can file an appeal and help a client work towards receiving benefits.

Though the appeal process can take time, the person will be given a chance to submit further medical documentation and even have a medical professional testify on their behalf. It will be up to an administrative law judge to determine whether or not a person will be given their benefits. Should they be approved, they will receive retroactive payments dating back to the time they first applied.

If you have become disabled and are in need of help with your disability benefits, you can contact, or visit Slepian Smith, PLLC. They are a law team that can help disabled people get the benefits they are entitled to under the law. Contact them right away to learn how they can help you.

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