Get Help With Centipede Control in Savannah, GA

In the world of insects, centipedes rank at the top as one of the creepiest looking. Aside from the worm-like body and all the legs, centipedes are not the most hospitable insect. A centipede can deliver a painful bite that may swell and be uncomfortable around the site for as long as 48 hours. People sensitive to the venom they inject may even experience headaches, heart palpitations, and flu-like symptoms.

Searching for Food

When calling for Centipede Control In Savannah GA, residents have often initially discovered the pests in their bathroom or basement. The insect prefers damp spaces where it can hunt for the types of insects it likes to eat. They typically dine on silverfish, spiders, and termites. Of course, they rarely remain in just these locations, and that is why they can be seen in any area of the house.

Stopping Their Invasion

Centipedes enter homes the same way as any other pest. The insects discover small gaps around plumbing pipes, window, doors, or any small, unsealed opening. They often nest in tall grass and yard debris, so removal of these items near the home could reduce the numbers of centipedes that come inside.

Traps, sprays, and other regularly available items can help when only a few of the insects are in the home. It is not recommended that people crush the pests because they can leave a stain behind. Catching them in this manner may be difficult or even impossible because they are very fast-moving bugs.

Calling for Help

When people contact Centipede Control Savannah GA, companies will often suggest a treatment method that includes the removal of any other insects discovered in the home. The elimination of their food source takes away a reason for the centipede to come or stay inside.

The sight of one or two centipedes is a good reason to contact a company like Savannah Termite and Pest Control. Centipedes are nocturnal insects, and they favor dark, damp areas. The sight of a few could mean there are many others hiding in the home. Click Here to get help for a centipede infestation or any other pest-related problem.

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