Frequently Asked Questions About Denture Repair In Reno NV

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Dentistry

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When individuals break their dentures they need to get them repaired as soon as they can. Eating with broken dentures is often difficult and sometimes it can be impossible depending on the type of damage to the dentures. Before going to a dentist who specializes in Denture Repair in Reno NV, read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about the repair of broken dentures.

Q.) What are some of the common reasons why dentures break?

A.) Individuals who wear the same set of dentures for several years may break their dentures because they’re worn out. Dentists recommend that individuals replace their dentures about every seven years. The shape of a person’s jaw can change as they get older and this can cause their dentures to fit improperly. Dentures that don’t fit well in a person’s mouth are more likely to break, especially as they wear out. When individuals drop their dentures on a hard surface, such as in the bathroom sink, this can also cause them to break.

Q.) What types of denture repairs can dentists perform and how long will the repair take?

A.) Dentists can make various repairs to dentures if they become broken or if they’re cracked. The time length it takes to repair broken dentures depends on the type of damage to the appliance. The dentist may be able to make the repair quickly in the office while the patient waits. If there’s major damage to the denture, it may take the dentist a few days to complete the repair. Dentures that don’t fit correctly in an individual’s mouth can often be relined by a dentist who performs Denture Repair in Reno NV. During this process, the dentist puts a new base on the bottom portion of the dentures so they fit more securely in a person’s mouth. When an individual has dentures that fit correctly, they’re less likely to break or become damaged.

Instead of trying to wear broken dentures, schedule a consultation with an experienced dentist at Sparks Dental for professional denture repair. In addition to repairing dentures, this dental clinic also specializes in complete and partial dentures for their patients.