For a Contemporary Look: Custom Shower Door in Indianapolis, IN

In suburban (and urban) America, homeowners are constantly competing with each other for the mantle of “the best house on the block.” Who can host the most lavish barbeque? Who puts up the best Christmas decorations? Which home has the most curb appeal?

In the quest for beautiful up-to-date homes, homeowners tend to spend countless dollars on superfluous accessories such as paintings, decorative ornaments, and table centerpieces. While these items can spice up a property, they don’t do much to impact the property’s intrinsic value. If you truly want to bolster your home’s resale value and enhance its aesthetic appeal, installing a custom shower door is a cost-effective way of doing so. This brief article will outline the benefits of opting for this type of fixture.

Why Buy a New Shower Door?

Apart from their obvious contemporary charm, custom shower doors also provide water resistance, effectively shielding your bathroom floor and the surrounding area from unnecessary moisture. With a proper installation, the door will feature a watertight fit, which greatly mitigates degradation of the bathroom floor and also deters mold growth. By containing all of the water within the shower unit, the rest of the bathroom won’t be negatively impacted by high moisture levels.

Choosing the Right Door for Your Bathroom

Homeowners that want to emphasize modern metal finishes in the bathroom often choose metallic framed enclosures that allow them to coordinate their bathroom décor systematically. The plethora of available metal finishes can further instill a contemporary feel. These finishes include chrome, copper, aged pewter, brushed gunmetal, oil-rubbed bronze, and even gold! The glass panel you choose can come in any number of tints, shades, textures, and privacy levels.

If you’re interested in purchasing a custom shower door in Indianapolis, IN, please contact us for more information.

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