Five Ways to Create Brochures for Printing and Mailing to Clients

If you are using printing and mailing services to contact your clients you want to be sure you are using the best possible approach to your brochures and mailers. Here are five ideas to help you present your brand and message as effectively as possible:


1. Messaging: You are sending out information for a reason. Decide what you want to say. Are you offering a special promotion? Introducing your self? Raising awareness about an event? Once you decide on your focus you can concentrate on a good headline and the information you need so you do not lose people. You want to capture attention and entice them to continue reading. Use a catchy one line heading that will let people know what you are offering or at the least is intriguing enough for them to read on.
2. Make Your Point: Make a list of all of the points you must make and then see how it fits on your piece. You can then add more information if space allows. Most importantly you want to make a point and offer a call to action to call, visit a website or visit your business.
3. Be Brand Consistent: In every piece of information that reaches your customer you want to be sure you are brand consistent. Every company should have a file with an up to date logo, a font they use for all of their communication pieces as well as a selection of colors they use for their logos. This will allow you to remain consistent with your brand using the color palette, slogans and logos whtat will help people start to recognize your company and understand what you area all about.
4. Spend Wisely: It is not always easy to find the budget for the quality you need to make a good impression. Try to avoid doing pieces that will have a negative effect on your business.
5. Balanced Layout: Make sure you have space to add some interest with a nice photo and logo so that it is not just straight copy. At the least come up with a stand out heading that will attract attention. Break up copy with some sub-headings and use some point form paragraphs to make the page look less cumbersome to read.


Because it is a competitive world out there you only have a few moments to reach people so being as astute and direct in the way you prepare your information is very important.


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