Fire Alarm Systems – Fixed Gas and Flame Detection

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Safety Equipment Supplies

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Many homes and businesses in Iowa are protected by standard smoke detectors. They can sense fire in its beginning or incipient stages. For example, if you burn a piece of toast, it may set off a home smoke detector. Some businesses need more protection than the usual smoke detecting equipment, and that’s why they choose fire alarm systems with fixed gas or flame detection. Here is how these systems work and why you may want to think about installing them.

Fixed Gas Detection

A fixed gas detection system constantly monitors the air for dangerous gases and can detect specific concentrations in the atmosphere. A fixed system can detect gas leaks, and this is an important task if your facility uses flammable liquids or gases. For example, gasoline, hydrogen, alcohol, or other flammable and explosive gasses can cause both health and fire hazards. By detecting these gases before concentrations get high, it’s possible to avoid fires and explosions.

Flame Detection

Detecting flames is often done with infrared and ultraviolet sensing equipment, but some use photo cell technology. These fire alarm systems in Iowa can detect flames and send a signal to a central control unit, to sound alarms, shut down equipment, or many other important tasks. Flame detection systems are frequently used in spray paint areas.

Infrared technology is more expensive than photo cell technology, but it’s more effective and dependable. For example, bright sunlight or flashes from welding equipment can trigger false alarms from photo cell systems. This doesn’t happen with IR technology.

Choosing the Right Fire Alarm Systems

Some Iowa companies use both fixed gas and flame detection systems. If you’re not sure which system is best for you, contact your fire equipment specialists. They offer a wide range of fire protection solutions for business and can help you choose the most cost-effective and efficient systems.