Finish Hair Stylist Training from Z Hair Academy at Summit Salon in Kansas City

11181680_lWith any type of career training, many people find that they get the most out of having actual work experience in the field they are entering. This gives them a chance to actually be doing what they have been trained to do, in the real world and not in a classroom scenario. Having this type of training is especially important in certain types of careers, such as hair dressing. There is only so much students can do with those plastic heads with fake hair. When they are working with live models in a salon, they can talk to their customers, and get a feel for what the job is really like.


When people train to be hair stylists at Z Hair Academy, they work at Summit Salon in Kansas City in order to complete their practical training. At this point, the students are skilled at a number of things, including haircuts, colors, perms, braiding, and other styles. They are also trained in nail and skin care, and can provide manicures and facials to customers. By the time they are ready to graduate, they have all of the training they need, and plenty of experience to go with that training.


Customers can benefit from having their hair styled by hairdressers in training. Not only are they allowing the students to get the on the job training they need, they are also saving money. For instance, at most salons, a perm will cost upwards of $70. Customers can expect to pay around half of this price when they allow students to do their hair, depending on the type of perm and the length and texture of their customers’ hair.


The school and salon have been a family operation for 10 years, and operates a “high energy student salon”. New classes start every six weeks, so students can start training when it is convenient for them. They learn from experienced stylists and cosmeticians, and graduate with all of the skills they need to work at any salon. This program has been noted in the “best salon” category by Kansas University students since the school was established. Click here to read more about getting into this fun and exciting career.

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