Finding the Right Zinc Plating Company for Your Business

by | Jul 12, 2016 | Metal Industry

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Zinc plating provides many benefits for metal parts. In fact, zinc is one of the best ways to prevent corrosion and offers many other advantages. Although simple zinc galvanization methods can be effective, they are not practical for many types of parts and components today and electroplating is an excellent choice. However, when choosing a plating company, it’s important to find one which can meet all your needs and offer the best services. Here are some important things to look for when you select a supplier.


Zinc plating is a process in which everything has to be perfect. It requires years of experience, training, and knowhow to properly plate metals for your needs. Look for a company with many years of service. In fact, a supplier with more than 50 years of experience is the best choice in this line of business.


Are you concerned with the environment? If so, you should consider a plating company which offers alternatives to cyanide plating methods. A good service uses special alkaline processes which do not sacrifice finish, coverage or any quality features you need in electroplating. Check to see what kinds of methods are available.

When it comes to alkaline electroplating, RoHS compliance is very important. This stands for the restriction of hazardous substances. Because many toxic materials are used in industrial applications, R0HS compliance ensures no materials like cadmium, lead and other harmful substances are used in the process.


When you look for the right zinc plating company, consider one who specializes in zinc plating. These people focus all their attention on the electroplating process for zinc and you can be assured of the highest quality and brightest finishes.

Focus on the Customer

When you do business with a plating service it’s important to choose a company who focuses on the needs of the customer. This shows in the way you are treated throughout the entire process. They should be able to answer all your questions and also offer professional advice.

Choose a Full Service Plating Company

You could have a wide range of zinc plating needs and the right company can provide all kinds of services. For example, maybe you require truck transportation to your customers. Perhaps you need masking, inspection or sorting assistance. You can depend on your plating provider to be there for you with many different services related to the industry. Plus, look for a company who can provide passivation, zinc nickel and zinc iron plating, to be sure all your needs are met.