Finding the Right Portable Coffee Cart for Your Business

Running a catering business can be very lucrative but there are many challenges. One of the biggest challenges that a catering entrepreneur will face is finding the right equipment to work with, take for example ? portable coffee carts. Coffee is always in high demand, so caterers must provide top quality, fresh coffee that is warm at all times. In order to meet this requirement the catering entrepreneur must start searching for the best portable coffee carts.

Choosing the Best Portable Coffee Carts

These portable coffee carts do come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including the way they are heated.? Two of the most common heating sources are propane and electricity, each with their respective benefits. Will the coffee cart be used daily or occasionally for weddings or other events? Unless the caterers plan to use the portable coffee carts each day, they should seriously think about renting it.

Renting vs. Buying

There is no cut and dry answer to the question of renting versus buying however, there are many benefits associated with renting. If a person purchases a portable coffee cart, they are responsible for maintaining it and those costs can rise dramatically over time especially if they are heated with propane.? With renting, the majority of merchants will deliver it to any location that is specified. Caterers have to deal with a plethora of logistical challenges so having the portable coffee carts on location is beneficial.? Unless there is a compelling reason to buy the portable coffee carts, i.e. the merchant is going out of business then renting is recommended.

Selecting the Right Potable Coffee Cart Provider

The very first step is finding the coffee cart that is going to best suit the needs of the purchaser. How much coffee per hour is expected to be served?? After that has been established then the list of portable coffee carts should be greatly reduced. Spend a few moments vetting the vendors to make sure they keep their promises. As a caterer, having reliable vendors can make or break a business.

By adopting these suggestions, a caterer should be able to save money while sourcing for portable coffee carts, but it would be prudent to always perform their own research. When patrons have access to warm coffee, they will be happy and more likely to recommend the caterer for future events so this is something that should be taken seriously.

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