Finding The Right Office Lease In Newnan

by | Jun 25, 2014 | Business

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For many people today, the urge to work for yourself is strong. Individuals are tired of being at the whim of corporations, never knowing when the ax could fall. Additionally, with the mounting traffic faced on 85, 75 and 285, individuals in the Atlanta area grow increasingly frustrated year by year with the ever increasing commutes. It’s no wonder why so many new businesses are popping up every year. Filled with the entrepreneurial spirit, men and women alike are determined to make a go of self business ownership. Along with that comes a number of new responsibilities, including a place to work.


While some people can work from home, most people need a professional atmosphere from which to meet clients, hold meetings and conduct business. It gives them a more official appearance and allows them to be taken more seriously by the general public. Unfortunately, commercial office space can be quite expensive, taking a great deal of up-front capital outlay. What’s a small business owner supposed to do in the beginning?


When you decide to set out on your own, opening your own business or putting out your shingle, you may be looking for the least expensive place to call home. However, you don’t want to give up professionalism in your quest for an office, either, choosing a spot in a shopping center when you don’t have a retail business, or selecting a spot on the bad side of time just for the sake of expenses.. For many budding entrepreneurs, the answer for an Office Lease in Newnan comes in the form of Greison Storage. No, you’re not expected to lock yourself into a storage unit and hope people wander down your hall, but instead, this company offers commercial office space for the small business to begin its operations from.


With locations at Greison Park and Cates Crossing, you’ll have office space close to major intersections, shopping and restaurants. Additionally, as with any quality Office Lease in Newnan, you can expect expert landscaping and professional brick office fronts. Furthermore, you should expect competitive pricing on leasing. Call today to take a tour of the office space and find a spot for your new business.