Finding the Best Swimming Pool Contractors in Sarasota FL

by | Aug 12, 2014 | Swimming Pools and Spas

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Everyone owning a swimming pool has every reason to want to keep it in good condition. A good swimming pool in Sarasota FL is one that is ever sparkling clean, refreshing, inviting and always ready for use. Carrying out routine maintenance significantly helps to avoid future frustrations and minimizes the likelihoods of having to do emergency repairs and renovations. Swimming pool contractors in Sarasota FL bring on board a wealth of experience second to none and which puts the pool owner at the top of the game.

Tips to Keep the Pool Healthy and Sparkling Clean

Checking the chemistry of the pool should be prioritized and it needs to be done twice a week in the summer and once each week during winter to ensure the swimming pool is free of dangerous chemicals that might be detrimental to human health.

The inline chlorinator has to be checked at least once every week while noting the chlorine readings. Make the necessary adjustments for the continued efficiency of the chlorinator. At all times, the chlorine tablets should always be in the inline unit or the Deck-Chlor and should be adjusted as appropriate so that proper chlorine levels are maintained.


Always check the pool to ensure water clarity and seek an expert’s advice if it is otherwise. Pay a close attention to the in-floor cleaning system and note if it is working as recommended. While at it, also mind to assess if the returns are becoming weak so that something can be done about it well in advance.

Filter cleaning might be deemed necessary especially after a heavy storm. The cleaning might as well be done quarterly, depending on the prevailing conditions in the pool. Dirty filters should be soaked in a solution of trisodium phosphate or 10 percent of muriatic acid solution.

Catalyst tabs should be added as per the gallons of water in the swimming pool. The tabs are to be kept in a cool and dry place lest they turn into a block form. Sparkling Kleen Pools and Spas is renowned swimming pool contractors in Sarasota FL that have helped tens of thousands of clients in installing, renovating, repairing and maintaining their pools.