Finding the Best in Family Dentistry

Family dentists are used in addressing the oral health of children and adults. For children, they take care of permanent and baby teeth. Parents should be seeking dentists in this field that have extensive experience with children and families because children have different dental concerns and needs than adults. Besides, children are more cooperative in a comfortable environment with a confident dentist. It’s also highly effective for a child to watch mom or dad go first, bringing down their anxiety level as well as boosting their confidence in the dentist.

Finding a family dentist can be a long, confusing process, but there are some ways to shorten it. The most effective way is to ask around. Friends, family, and neighbours should be able to provide recommendations. Insurance carriers also have dentist matching services that can be used to find local family dentists. Once a dentist is chosen, parents can do certain things to make sure that the dentist and his or her office will be a comfortable setting for their children. Parents can start by visiting the office before making an appointment for their child. Finding an office that is closer to home may also be a good thing. A longer commute may increase a child’s fear and anxiety, as the anticipation can make the outcome seem scarier.

The level of care and service a family dentist provides is also important. The dentist should provide preventative care, including fluoride treatments and regular cleaning. Other treatment should be provided as well, such as cavity identification and filing, gum disease treatment, and orthodontics. Children will need regular check-ups at least twice a year. This will help catch any major issues before they begin. Family Dentistry also includes teeth whitening and giving advice on brushing, rinsing & flossing of the teeth. This will help a child keep their teeth bright and healthy.

A professional in Family Dentistry like DR. PETE WINDHAM, can take care of the whole family’s teeth while making them feel comfortable. He understands children’s fear of visiting the dentist and how their teeth change with age. Plus, he can back it up with 37 Years of EXPERIENCE! Dentists like this provide children and families with the gentle approach they need. This gentleness can help a child create positive associations with dentists and dental procedures, which can only lead to healthy habits and excellent oral health.

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