Finding a New Dentist in Cinco Ranch

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Dentistry

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After going to the same Dentist Cinco Ranch for years, there is the need to make a change. That’s because the current dentist is retiring and closing the practice. Fortunately, there are resources that will make it easier to find the right dental professional and never miss a beat with the schedule of exams and cleanings. Here are some ideas of how to manage the task.

Start With the Insurance Provider

When the patient has dental insurance, the first thing to do is obtain a list of dentist in the area who accept the plan. Many providers offer search tools on their websites that make it possible to narrow the list of possibilities based on the type of services offered, proximity to the home or office, and a few other things. In the best case scenario, the patient will find that there is a dentist in Cinco Ranch who offers all the support needed and happens to be located near the home.

Find Out Who is Taking New Patients

The fact that a certain dentist is in the provider network does not necessarily mean that the professional is accepting new patients. Call each dentist on the list and find out if there is room for one more patient. Any dentists who are not currently seeing new patients can be removed from the list.

Time for Some Research

After narrowing the range of possibilities down to one or two, take to the Internet and find out all there is to know about those candidates. Check out the information provided on their websites, and look for online reviews and ratings. Read the comments left by past patients and be on the lookout for any positive or negative themes that emerge. Doing so will make it easier to decide which dentist is the top choice for the family.

Remember that the right dentist will be in a position to provide all the essentials and at least some of the additional qualities that the patient desires. At Gentle Dental Care, patients will find staff who are professional and caring, and dentists who take the health of their patients seriously. Call them today and schedule a first visit. By the time that exam is over, there will be no doubt about who needs to be the new family dentist.