Financial Advisors in Peachtree Corners Offer Ugly Truths About Poor Retirement Investing

Retirement is inevitable for hundreds of millions of people. It has also become one of the largest life obstacles faced by people that reach that age of 50+ and realize their bank account has dwindled and their investments are poor. There are specific areas of investing that look for long term investing returns in excess of 10 or 20 years, and often even far more. But there are also areas provided by Financial Advisors in Peachtree Corners that directly involve retirement. One of the most popular is the very famous 401K. But the 401K has been revamped and redesigned, making it less appealing and less productive than ever before. Below are some ugly truths about the 401K millions of Americans have trusted.

No Matching 401K? No Business

Most companies will match whatever an employee puts in their 401K. Yet more and more are deciding to do less. If they are not at least matching the number, it should be forgotten about. Stop the building. There are better areas to invest, and it is unwise to tie up so much money in a matching 401K when the 401K system is falling apart and seeing inferior returns.

Self-Directed IRA’s Are Often Better

A 401K is a bit of a catch-all universal standard return according to Financial Advisors in Peachtree Corners. There really is no fluctuating, for better or worse. This is becoming less true as time goes on, but many are sticking to this idea. Regardless, IRA accounts offer more flexibility and control. Individuals under 59 may keep their money in 401K’s because it would be subject to tax penalties. But these self-directed IRA’s are paramount to greater gains.

Taxes Will be Paid

There is no way around it. Financial Advisors in Peachtree Corners confirm that taxes are paid on 401K’s. Now it is true that some pay less and others pay more depending on many variables. But many people place too much stake in tax avoidance. They make decisions around the tax payout while losing sight of greater returns with another strategy. Place less emphasis on taxes.

The ugly truth is that 401K’s are extremely vulnerable to high tax payouts, whether buying out now or later. Visit the website of Fricke & Associates, LLC to learn more about building that retirement wealth and spending the golden years in peaceful relaxation.

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