Filing a Claim with an Accident Attorney in Virginia Beach, VA After a Construction Accident

In Virginia, construction accidents are caused by a multitude of failures. However, the primary factor considered in the cases is if the victim entered the work environment lawfully. An accident attorney in Virginia Beach, VA assists victims of the events.

What Caused the Accident?

The cause of the construction accident determines if the construction company is liable or if the victim caused their own injuries. For example, the company must provide safety equipment for workers and apparatuses for projects at great heights, if the equipment is faulty, the supplier could be to blame. On the other hand, if the workers didn’t receive safety gear, the company owner is liable.

Safety Regulations That Apply

In construction zones, the company must define the perimeter of the entire work site. Signs must start at up to one mile from the site. The lettering on the signs must be black and measure at least ten inches. The work site must have a barrier around it to prevent unlawful entry.

Who Was the Victim to the Foreman?

The identity of the victim defines the exact type of personal injury claim that is filed. Typically, the relationship between the foreman and the victim defines the claim type. If the victim was the foreman’s worker, a worker’s’ compensation claim must be filed. If the victim had no relation to the foreman, the claim would be a standard construction accident claim unless they entered the site without permission. If the victim was a contractor or supplier, the individual has a legal right to be present in the work environment.

The Results After a Win

The victim receives all financial losses through compensation. The losses include medical expenses, lost wages, and some tort-based payments. The victim receives a lump sum settlement in most cases.

In Virginia, construction accidents can lead to serious injuries and fatalities. The conditions inside the work environment could become dangerous for workers and anyone who is permitted inside the space. A foreman is responsible for mitigating all risks associated with the work environment on an ongoing basis. Victims of construction accidents can hire an accident attorney in Virginia Beach, VA by contacting Price Perkins Larkin.

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