Filing a claim for a dog bite

by | Jul 13, 2015 | Attorney

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Although there are variations in the laws that apply to dog bites from one state to another, generally speaking the animal is usually perceived as an extension of the owner. With this being the case, should the dog bite someone it is the owner that is liable for the actions of the dog. In the event you are the victim of a dog bite you have the right to seek compensation but there certain things that you must do. Obviously the first consideration is medical care and then you need to call McHenry dog bite injury attorneys and discuss the situation. At this stage it is important that you do not try to bargain with the owner of the dog, avoid the owner until such time as you and your attorneys have defined a legal strategy.

You must have reasonable expectations in the event you decide to sue the owner of the dog. If the dog has never bitten anyone in the past and has never shown any vicious tendencies the claim may fail. If it can be shown that you actually were teasing the dog or perhaps provoking it by hitting for example then the chances of winning a law suit are slim. It takes more than you simply saying that the dog bit you, you must be in a position to prove that there were actual damages as a result of the incident. A dog bite claim can only prosper if real damages such as medical treatment can be proven. As a general rule, if you cannot show only evidence of a medical injury then it probably is not worth pursuing a claim.

All that said however, if you have been able to determine that your case has a good chance of prospering then your next logical step is to contact McHenry dog bite injury attorneys. As a dog bite injury falls under tort law you will want to engage a lawyer that deals with personal injury cases.

The key to winning a dog bite claim is documentation. You must turn over to your lawyer any and all evidence of injury that you have accumulated. The lawyer is charged with the responsibility of finding out about any incidents in the past which involve the dog.

Although at the time it might seem the best thing to do is deal directly with the dog?s owner, if you have been injured then the best strategy is to avoid contact and put the claim in the hands of McHenry dog bite injury attorneys.