Fibromyalgia Treatment in Illinois-Your Options

Fibromyalgia is a debilitating disease, there is no known cure and there is little known about the onset cause. Fibromyalgia treatment in Illinois is focused on treating the symptoms. The symptoms can include body aches, muscle pains, headaches, sleeplessness, mood swings and more. It is estimated that over 5 million people in the US suffer from this condition.

The History

Until the last decade fibromyalgia was thought to be a chronic pain condition, some medical professionals did not “believe” it was an actual condition at all. Today thanks to years of research into the disease, there is some indication that fibromyalgia is NOT a chronic pain issue but instead a neurological issue. Most physicians now agree that this is a legitimate condition and research is ongoing. Hopefully, a cure is on the horizon, but until there is one, treating the symptoms is still the best hope.

The Treatments

Typically, in the past, a diagnosis of fibromyalgia meant you would be prescribed a cornucopia of prescription medications to treat the symptoms. Today there may be a better option. Historically you could expect to be treated with prescription medications for:

  • Depression
  • Pain control
  • Sleep aids

Today, you can make other choices to manage the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. If you live in Illinois and are suffering from this debilitating condition you may want to talk to your doctor about the effectiveness of medical marijuana in treating your symptoms. Many sufferers have seen great results with using medical marijuana to treat the symptoms.

Greenhouse Will Help

Talk to your doctor about trying medical marijuana to treat your Fibromyalgia, then go to one of the Greenhouse locations and they will make sure you get what you need. This may be the solution you have been searching for to take your life back.

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