FAQs Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Honolulu Can Answer

In Hawaii, motorcycle riders are at a higher risk of becoming injured in an accident than auto drivers. These riders aren’t protected from injuries as effectively as auto drivers even when they wear protective gear as directed by the law. Motorcycle accident lawyers in Honolulu can answer common questions about these accidents.

What Are Common Factors That Contribute to These Accidents?

Limited visibility of the motorcycle can lead to an accident with serious injuries. Next, hazardous road conditions can cause the rider to lose control if they can’t maneuver around debris on the road quickly enough. The skill level of the motorcycle rider can also play a role in the possibility of an accident.

When Does Comparative Fault Apply?

Moving violations committed by the motorcycle rider can introduce a comparative fault in these cases. These violations could include lane splitting, reckless driving, and other hazardous behaviors can constitute a comparative fault. These rulings lead to a reduction in the monetary award when they are proven in court.

Can a DUI Lead to Further Penalties for the At-Fault Driver or Rider?

Yes. If it is determined that any party involved in an accident was intoxicated, the state can increase their criminal penalties. The results of the criminal case could influence the outcome of a civil lawsuit as well. If a fatality occurs, the at-fault driver or rider could face more extensive criminal charges and be made to provide some form of compensation throughout the criminal and civil case.

What Are Common Injuries Sustained by Motorcycle Riders?

The motorcycle rider could sustain head, neck, or back injuries based on the circumstances involved in their accident. This could also include traumatic brain injuries and, potentially, a fatality. For these reasons, all motorcycle riders should follow local helmet laws.

In Hawaii, motorcycle riders could sustain serious injuries when they are involved in an accident, and limited visibility is a more common reason for these accidents. Riders can file a civil lawsuit against the at-fault driver to collect compensation for their injuries. Victims who need to speak to motorcycle accident lawyers in Honolulu can visit Autoaccidentattorneyhonolulu.com right now.

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