Family Care Physicians Versus Pediatricians – Which Is Right For Your Child?

One of the first decisions a new parent has to make is what type of doctor to sign their baby up with – a family care physician or a pediatrician. Each type of doctor has its pros and cons.

Choosing a Family Physician in Wichita Kansas means there’ll be no need to change doctors as the child gets older, the same doctor can take care of the whole family, the doctor will be aware of any hereditary health issues and there aren’t likely to be as many germs in the waiting room. Keeping the same doctor can lead to a stronger doctor-patient relationship. However, this type of doctor doesn’t spend as much time studying child-specific health issues as a pediatrician and may not be as familiar will all the local specialists that deal with children’s health problems.

Opting for a pediatrician instead of a Family Physician in Wichita Kansas means that the doctor will have more child-specific training and a more kid-friendly waiting room and offices, but the child will have to switch doctors when she’s older. A pediatrician may be best for children that have developmental delays or other more long-term childhood health issues. However, pediatrician’s offices can be very germy places, as this is where many kids go when they’re sick. Some doctors minimize this problem by having separate waiting rooms, and sometimes even separate entrances, for kids coming in for sick visits and those coming in for well child visits.

In the long run, either a Family Physician in Wichita Kansas or a pediatrician can provide the care needed by a young child. Perhaps considering other issues besides the doctor’s area of specialization may make the decision easier, such as the location of the doctor’s office, which types of insurance the doctor takes and whether they’re recommended by friends and family members who’ve used them in the past. In the case of slightly older children, they make like one doctor better than the other, which could make it easier to get them to go to the doctor when necessary.

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