Facts About Septic Tank Pumping in Eustis, FL

More than 50 percent of American homes have a septic system. Septic systems keep raw sewage, detergents and wastewater from entering the environment or the water supply. There are many things homeowners can do to help keep their septic systems working, but sooner or later they will need Septic Tank Pumping Eustis FL or elsewhere.

Signs of A Tank That Needs Pumping
It’s no mystery when septic tanks need pumping. If you are lucky enough to have an alarm on your septic system, then it will sound a siren or flash a warning light whenever the tank needs to be pumped. If ignored, then the overpowering smell of raw sewage will blanket your property. Bad smells does not always mean that the septic tank needs pumping. It could be a leak in the drain field. No matter what the reason, it needs checking immediately. Another sign that your septic tank needs pumping is when the toilets are constantly backed up.

How Often Should Septic Tanks Be Pumped?
A good general rule is to get a Septic Tank Pumping Eustis FL every three to five years. The bigger the septic tank, the more time it can go between pumping and inspections. However, homes with many people will soon overload even a large septic system. If you are not sure of how large your septic tank is, contact your local health department or the real estate office that sold you the property. It’s a good idea to at least get your septic system inspected at least once a year from Shelley’s Septic Tanks.

How to Prevent Stopped Up Septic Tanks
Septic tanks need to be pumped after they accumulate sludge that is inches or even feet deep. This sludge blocks the septic system and makes it unable to take in any more water or sewage. Prevent blocking up your septic tanks by not flushing large objects down the toilet, using toilet paper made specifically for septic tanks, never pouring cooking grease down the sink and not placing heavy objects on the septic drain field. Move drains so that they do not dump water onto the drain field.

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