Factors to Consider When Deciding on Tree Removal in Westport Connecticut

by | Jun 7, 2016 | Landscaping

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Chances are, as a homeowner, you may at some point be faced with the task of Tree Removal in Westport Connecticut. Removing large trees is not a task for the untrained individual as it can be dangerous to both people and property. Many tree removal companies employ licensed and certified arborists who are considered experts in all things regarding tree care and management.

Some of the reasons to remove a tree and factors to take into consideration include:

  *      The Tree is Undesirable -; Certain trees are considered undesirable because of characteristics such as dropping seeds or seed pods, weak branches that are prone to breaking, roots that seek water or are too shallow damaging lawns and sidewalks, or lack high resistance to disease and insects. Trees often lumped in this category include Willows, Bradford Pear, Poplars, Mulberry, some Maples, and Tree of Heaven. Visit the website of your state’s Department of Agriculture for a complete list.

  *      The Tree is Unhealthy -; As a rule of thumb, trees that exceed 50-percent in damage should probably be removed. Trees with declining health may hang on for years but will have limited growth and poor appearance. A trained professional from a company like Northeast Horticultural Services can provide guidance for unhealthy trees.

  *      Damaged or Hollow Tree -; A tree can survive damage to its trunk provided it does not consume more than 25% of its total circumference. Signs of severe trunk damage include large vertical cracks and older, large wounds are suggestive of decay. A tree can survive with a hollow interior for many years because its life-sustaining tissues are located on the outer edges of its trunk. A hollow tree is dangerous due to its potential to easily fall during a storm.

  *      Near Power Lines -; Tree branches growing into power lines must never be trimmed by an untrained professional for obvious reasons. It will be worth the money to have a professional service trim the tree rather than the butcher job performed by utility companies.

Other factors that might affect the decision of Tree Removal in Westport Connecticut include the available space for the tree to grow. Often homeowners plant young trees to close to the house without taking into account their mature height and width, requiring them to be removed later. Sometimes a tree’s location inhibits line of sight of traffic or block traffic lights and needs to be removed for safety concerns.