Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney In Casa Grande, AZ

What is a criminal defense attorney? A criminal defense attorney is an attorney whose profession is to defend clients, individuals or businesses, who are thought to have committed a crime or have a criminal history. Some criminal defense attorneys are privately obtained while others are appointed by the court to defend someone who may not have the funds to privately hire one on their own. An experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Casa Grande AZ can be found at Alexander Law Offices. Attorney Morgan “Alex” Alexander is not only a Criminal Defense Attorney but a retired United States Army Veteran, who will fight hard for the justice his clients deserve.

Attorney Alexander has over ten years of experience defending clients in cases such as forgery, weapon charges, kidnapping, money laundering, conspiracy, theft, identity theft, fraud, arson, felony charges, misdemeanors. More cases include assault, domestic violence, burglary, robbery, sexual assault, resisting arrest, molestation, juvenile cases and white collar crimes. He is committed to providing quality legal advice to clients for any type of criminal case, understands each client worry and will proudly support and defend them through the entire process. He will fight aggressively for his client and the clients family.

Other types of services this specific attorney provides are accident injuries like dog bites, slips, and falls, tractor trailer trucks, motor vehicle accidents as well as automobile accidents. DUI charges whether they are a single charge, extreme, misdemeanor, aggravated or even multiple DUI charges. Another type of service he provides is family law. Whether it be divorce, protective orders, custody, contempt, child support, paternity rights or property settlements he has his clients covered. However, if a client is looking for a Criminal Defense Attorney in Casa Grande AZ that they can count on to fight for their justice, this attorney has the experience to handle any criminal case that any client needs help fighting. His office accepts all major credit cards, cash, and personal checks. For more information or to read more about Attorney Morgan Alexander, the services he provides, his personal profile with a list of past experiences or to send a question via email, go to MorganAlexander.net.

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