Experience the Caribbean at Its Finest

In your mind’s eye, when you’re conjuring up the ideal holiday and the ultimate destination, chances are that images of exotic islands found in the Caribbean will immediately spring to mind. Most people dream of escaping their frantic lives, filled with travel and pollution, endless noise and activity, for an opportunity to relax on a pristine beach, their toes sunk into powder-soft sand, and the gentle lapping of waves in their ears. When you couple this with year-round temperate climes, the gentle rustling of palm trees, and the brilliance of a translucent sea every time you open your eyes, you truly have a recipe for a taste of paradise. Most Caribbean islands fulfil this fantasy, although some are so filled with tourists that you’ll be escaping your hustle and bustle for another kind of madness.

If you visit the British Virgin Islands (BVI), chances are you’ll find exactly the type of destination you’re picturing in your mind’s eye. Not for you the fighting over a small amount of sand on which to place your chair, or being exposed to ridiculous prices in restaurants geared purely around the needs of the endless foreigners. The BVI is still something of a hidden secret for the fortunate few.

Unwind surrounded by beauty

Although there are hotels to be found on the BVI, there are also luxury villas that you can rent in this part of the Caribbean. For the very reason that it isn’t over-populated, you will probably have access to a range of different villas, at varying price tags. As Tortola is fairly hilly, many people like to choose a villa that is positioned high up. The reason for this is that the trade winds blow gently most of the year and keep the temperatures cooler when you’re higher up. Most of these beautiful villas are designed for a warm climate, with flagstone floors, large windows, high ceilings, and doors that open up and give a feeling of expansiveness. From your vantage point, you’ll experience beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and endless vistas of glittering blue seas.

Making a lifetime of memories

Although these islands are quieter than some other more popular islands for tourists, there is plenty to keep you busy. It could be that simply relaxing on a beach, that you might even have all to yourself, will be enough for you. However, there are also rainforests to be found, and there are plenty of hiking trails for the more adventurous. Walking along the endless beaches with exotic names – including Brewers Bay and Cane Garden Bay – will certainly keep you occupied for many days, as you explore the many beautiful spots. When you are feeling more energetic you won’t want to miss snorkeling or scuba diving, and can even visit other nearby islands. There are usually local restaurants to be found close by to most of these famous beaches, where you’ll be able to actually believe that the West Indies are your true home – even if only in the spiritual sense!

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