Experience Chicago Architecture from the Most Unexpected Perspective

Chicago has one of the most stunning skylines in the nation. Although most people know its impressive “big shoulders” view from the lake, the true marvelousness can only be discovered from viewing the skyline from right on the confluence of the city’s urban sprawl and Lake Michigan’s blue expanse. An observation deck in downtown Chicago can provide the perfect experience.

Close to the Action

Some of Chicago’s greatest shopping and event locations are mere steps from the observation decks in the city. Whether it’s the water tower that survived “The Great Chicago Fire” or a world-famous contemporary art museum, any experience you are looking for in Chicago is nearby.

A Unique Experience

Seeing the city from over a thousand feet in the air is a special experience but being able to feel as if you are floating over the city without any inhibitions is a one-of-a-kind experience. An observation deck in downtown Chicago offers many fun experiences that are unforgettable.

Architecture Galore

Visiting an observation deck in downtown Chicago gives you a unique perspective on the city’s great architecture. In the birthplace of the skyscraper, the most obvious architectural standouts will be the cities numerous supertall buildings. However, among the myriad structures lie classical, impressionistic, brutalist, and neo-classical designs of all shapes and sizes. The observation deck experience gives you a perspective on Chicago architecture that is truly unique.

If you are coming to the Windy City, visiting an observation deck means going to one of the tallest structures in the world or going to one of the most structurally unique and transparent skyscrapers in existence. The experience will wow you either way. Even better, the observation decks are in the heart of much of what is great about the city: shopping, fun, culture, history, and greenery. Don’t miss your chance to experience humankind’s ingenuity as it buttresses the majestic natural wonder that is Lake Michigan.

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