Essential Baby Clothing for the First Six Weeks of Life

by | Apr 26, 2013 | Shopping

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What do babies need the first few weeks of life in the way of clothing? This may seem like a simple question, but first time parents have many such questions. They want to take care of their newborn to the best of their abilities, and that means learning and paying attention to all the details associated with dressing the baby and keeping their new son or daughter warm and comfortable.

One of the reasons a simple question about clothing is frequently asked is because people have different ideas about infant clothing. Some parents believe in layering clothes, while others rely more on layers of baby blankets. There are mothers who like the pajamas with feet, but many more seem to prefer pajamas without feet, using booties and socks instead. A new mother will quickly learn her preferences, but there a few basic items of clothing that are needed by all babies.

Ready with the Clothing Basics

All babies need bodysuits. They are practical, fit easily in diaper bags, and durable. All babies need bibs because they spit up regularly and drooling is just one of their many talents. A combination of bib and burp cloth can keep both baby and mom clean and stain free.

Naturally, there is a need for hundreds of diapers and diaper wipes. That is why a new mother cannot get too many diaper cakes at baby showers held in her honor. Let’s face it, for much of the first few months of a baby’s life a mom will spend many hours changing the infant’s clothes and diapers. The diaper wipes are as indispensable as the diapers too, and especially when on outings of any kind and there is no guarantee that water will be nearby for cleaning little bottoms.

Other essential clothing include caps for maintaining body temperature. That is also why a hooded baby towel is considered a critical piece of “clothing.”  After a bath it is important to keep the infant from getting chilled, and wrapping the baby in a terrycloth towel and covering the head right away is an effective method for keeping the baby warm.

Ask some experienced mothers, and they will tell you that infant t-shirts are also a necessity and especially in the summer. During the hot months, the baby may wear diapers, a t-shirt, socks, and cap, followed by a lightweight blanket covering the little body. The cotton t-shirts are comfortable and easy to put on and take off. Infants will need at least two daily clothing changes, and chances are that as many as six changes could be needed on some days.

The Fundamentals of Early Life

The baby does not really need a lot of clothing the first few weeks. What is considered essential is having a dozen bodysuits and booties, several hats and blankets, and a mountain of diapers and diaper wipes. Pajamas with long legs and long sleeves are perfect for nighttime because the baby stays warm should the blanket get kicked off.

There is one more essential item – dress-up clothes for pictures and showing off for guests. Shower gifts almost always include personalized baby clothes, layette sets with matching items, and themed clothing sets just for fun. Proud new parents love to dress their new babies in these cute outfits for the newborn photographs or when friends and family are coming over to meet the baby for the first time. It is just a fundamental fact of life.