Ensure Your Yard is Clean and Dry With Sewer Line Replacement in Birmingham AL

Out of all of the possible plumbing disasters that can occur in the home a damaged sewer line is usually the worst. This is mostly because the damage will block the outflow of the sewage and force it to come back into the home. Just as bad is when the pipes are so completely broken that the effluent will soak into the surrounding soil. This often leaves standing water or extremely soggy areas on your property that can cause serious health issues. Thankfully, the problem is easily resolved with Sewer Line Replacement in Birmingham AL.


The sewer line is that large pipe that runs from your home to the municipal sewage system or septic system. In most cases this part of the plumbing is the responsibility of the homeowner and any repairs that are required must be dealt with by them. Replacing the line requires the plumbing service to dig a trench where the old pipe is located and remove the problem pipe. Once the damaged pipe is removed then the new sewer line can be installed. In some cases it may be easier to leave the old pipe and simply run a new one, however, this type of repair will depend on any municipal regulations. Not all areas will allow leaving the old pipe in place.


Sometimes, there are alternatives to sewer line replacement and their use will depend on how badly damaged the pipe is and what materials the pipe is made from. These types of repairs rely on installing a sleeve inside the original pipe which blocks any cracks. This is often called a trenchless sewer line repair because there is only a limited amount of damage to your yard. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to apply these repairs. For instance, if the sewer line has any angles then the pipe may not allow the sleeve to fit properly. To ensure the trenchless system will be applicable the plumber can use a video snake to examine the pipes. This tool can give them a direct view of the damage.

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