Ensure Accuracy With Expert Line Boring

At Axis Mechanical Group, Inc., we are your trusted provider of field machining services for the petrochemical industry, including line boring services. Line Boring is required for different types of machining repairs and projects, including everything from fast and simple procedures to complex requiremenats that take months of work and engineering input to complete.

Line boring is a process that makes the centerlines of two or more bores collinear.

The boring services we offer can address everything from the most complex applications that require very involved design and manufacturing of numerous custom boring bar systems, down to the simplest applications.

Expert Line Boring

Various types of equipment and industrial elements require their bore centerlines to be collinear. These include engine blocks, gearboxes, hydroelectric turbines, and industrial presses. If a piece of equipment in a petrochemical industrial application has moving parts, it probably has bores that must be lined up correctly for the machine to operate properly.

Typical Line Boring Services

All of the requirements of a particular job and the complexity of the machines involved may alter the process slightly, but a similar structure can be expected for most line boring jobs.

To start with, engineers will take a look at any space constraints on the job site. Engineers will find pathways to avoid various obstructions and size boring equipment to meet space constraints. At this stage, they will also determine any requirements for custom boring bars, repair sleeves, or other pieces.

Engineers will then evaluate the scope of repairs required by examining the bores. They will utilize visual inspection and tools such as indicators and micrometers to measure the concentricity and roundness of the bores.

Lastly the installation of machining equipment will take place with its alignment, making it ready for operation. Through the use of line boring methods for the installation of repair sleeves, the bores will be repaired. Once the repairs are finished, engineers can verify the job specifications have been fulfilled through an inspection for accuracy.

The requirements and timeframe of a line boring job depends on the number of bores involved, the extent of damage or wearing-out of the bores, and the complexity of the machine.

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