Embroidered Shirts for an Appropriate Dress Code

Creating a great corporate image requires a multi-faceted approach. Your marketing department will see the most success when your corporate image is consistent as well as professional.

The clothing that your sales and service people wear impacts either positively or negatively. If you aren’t currently enforcing a dress code policy, instituting one might be a good idea.

One way to help create and easily enforce a dress code is to provide embroidered shirts bearing your name and logo for employees. By providing shirts and specifying the type of pants these are to be worn with, you create consistency in dress among your employees, making your corporate image more recognizable.

Providing logo embroidered shirts for your crews makes following the dress code easier for employees, as well. Since they do not have to pay for the shirts, there are no concerns about whether or not they can afford to dress in a particular manner. It is a good idea to give employees a window of at least 30 days before beginning a new uniform or dress code so that they can plan for any clothes they might need to purchase. For example, many companies provide shirts to their employees but require that the employees provide khaki pants to be worn with the shirts.

While providing shirts to your employees is a corporate expense, it is one of the least expensive ways to put your logo out into your community consistently. It also creates a sense of security among customers. They like it when they can immediately identify your company’s personnel when they visit.

So, as you’re planning your new marketing budget, don’t forget to include logo embroidered shirts in Orange County as part of your planned expenses. This simple change will make your employees happy and make your corporate image better, too.

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