Eliminate Your Rodent Problems With a Mice Exterminator in NYC

Dealing with unwanted household guests like insects or rodents can be a huge problem, especially when you are attempting to go it alone. Consider the mouse. This little mammal lives in the walls and under the floors where they build nests to house their young. Rodent nests can get pretty large when this creature feels safe which is why they make their homes deep within the walls. Unfortunately, this makes mice control a little difficult because they don’t all come out to eat. Scavenging rodents will carry food back to the young. However, this trait can benefit the mice exterminator in NYC because they can place baits where the mice will find them.

There are a number of ways to deal with mice and rats. The first is to eliminate any areas that they can use for nesting. Likewise, you want to rid your home of any materials that these rodents can build nests from. This includes old newspapers and magazines. If you must keep these items, be sure to place them in a strong container. Keep in mind that rodents have powerful incisors and can chew their way through many materials including wood, wire and plastic.

It is also important to keep garbage or other sources of food covered and stored in strong containers. Metal trash cans work best. Keep pet foods stored away and don’t leave animal food sitting around. The same is true for people food. Unsecured food containers are an open invitation to mice and leaving food setting around is the best way to attract them. This includes boxed foods in the pantry such as cereals or grains and beans in plastic bags.

A mice exterminator in NYC can use several methods for eliminating rodent problems including traps and baits. Baits work because the mice take the baits into the nest, however, there is a chance that the mice will die inside the walls. Traps are a little slower because they catch one mouse at a time. To ensure your mouse problem will disappear be sure you discuss all possibilities with the exterminator. You can learn more about pest control by talking to the experts at Metro Pest Control.

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