Eliminate Household Clogs and Plumbing Problems With Emergency Plumbing

by | Oct 4, 2021 | Home Improvement

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Owning a home can be both enjoyable and aggravating. The former comes whenever you can sit in the home and relax or show it off to friends and family. The latter occurs whenever something goes wrong like a failing roof or a leak in the plumbing. In fact, the need for emergency plumbing near Evanston is one of the most common reasons that a homeowner hires a contractor. There are many things that can fail in your plumbing from a small clog in the pipe traps to a busted pipe in the walls. Most plumbing problems require the help of an expert because of the variety of materials that can be used.

One of the most troublesome concern with plumbing is clogs in the drains. Clogs typically occur in the pipe traps or in the sewer line close to the toilet. The other place where clogs can be a problem is deep in the sewer line between the home and the municipal connection, usually at a splice. Clogs occur because the sewage system is a low flow environment. This allows things to settle in place or stick on the pipe walls or fittings. How the clog is eliminated will depend on where the backup is at. For instance, if the problem occurs in a sink or tub then the plumber will need to remove the traps and clean them. A pipe trap is the U or S-shaped pieces of pipe that are usually installed close to the drain. Visit CallGleason.com for any emergency plumbing needs near Evanston.

For clogs in the sewer line, the plumber will need to find an access point. This can be a vent in the sewer pipe or the closest toilet connection in the system. Once this access point is opened, they will need to use a tool known as a rooter or pipe snake. This is a long, flexible cable and auger designed to wind its way through the pipe and pierce the clog. The outflow of water should push the rest of the clog through the pipe. If the clog is very tough, the plumber may recommend cleaning the sewer lines with a hydro-wash. If you are in need of emergency plumbing near Evanston, then you should contact the experts at Gleason Heating and Air Conditioning.