Easy Tips to Help You Care for Your Curly Hair in Stone Mountain, GA

Although you perhaps spent a good portion of your life not loving your curly hair, you have now formed a fully loving relationship with your curls and have come to appreciate the beauty of them and yourself. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t still struggle a little bit to maintain those curls. Well, love is never easy, but by using the below tips for caring for your curls, they will be looking better than ever.

Spot Treat with Shampoo

Although it may go against everything you know to be true, it’s better to apply shampoo when your hair is completely dry. By doing this, you can spot-treat areas of your curly hair that drier, more brittle, or have more product on them.

Natural Conditioner for Curly Hair

You also want to invest in a good natural conditioner for curly hair. To help your curls maintain their shape, they need an oil-based moisture conditioner that also uses other natural ingredients, such as pure shea butter and extra virgin olive oil. These types of natural conditioners for curly hair can transform brittle curls and waves by replenishing them with moisture and protein.

Skip the Brush

The best way to comb out curly hair is to skip those fancy hairbrushes and just use your fingers. You’ll want to gently untangle your curls with your fingers only and be sure to take your time so that you don’t damage your hair.


When using a diffuser to dry your hair, patience is key as well. It’s best to section your hair and spend a little time drying and setting your curls in each section compared to blasting your whole head with heat.

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