DUI Bail Bonds in Minnesota Will Open the Jailhouse Doors

by | May 13, 2014 | Bail Bonds

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Being arrested is a frightening experience. Suddenly, everyday life has been put on hold while a new set of problems becomes all-important.

What happens when someone is arrested?

When someone is arrested for DUI, one of three things will happen. The best possibility is being released with no charges filed. Next best is being charged, but released on your own recognizance. If neither of those happened, the jail door will remain shut until bail has been set by the court and a bail bond submitted to the court.

What is bail?

Bail guarantees that the defendant appears in court for all hearings or court dates. It stays in force until the case is over. The Eighth Amendment to the Constitution guarantees that bail will not be ‘excessive’. This is a very important right. Otherwise, defendants would remain in jail at the whim of the court. Bails could be set so high that no one would be able to pay. From the defendant’s point of view, bail allows the best opportunity to assist in the preparation of a defense case.

Who arranges for the bail bond?

Either the defendant or someone else can make the arrangements with the bonding company. Generally, the arrangements are made by someone other than the defendant. Information about the defendant will need to be provided.

How much does a bail bond cost?

The premium is usually 10% of the amount of the bail plus expenses. The premium is non-refundable. Collateral may or may not be required, depending on the character of the defendant. Factors such as time in the community, work history and family ties make a big difference. A cosigner is usually required. If collateral is required (cash, property, etc.) it will be returned when the case has been settled.

What happens if the defendant doesn’t go to court?

The court will view the bond as forfeit, giving the bonding company 90 days. During that time, they will attempt to locate the defendant, with the assistance of the police and sheriffs and return him/her to custody. A bounty hunter may also be used.

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